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Post Operative Care

Your pet has just undergone general anesthesia and surgical sterilization. For the safety and well being of you and your pet, we recommend the following post-operative instructions to be carefully followed.


  • Do not feed your pet until late on the evening of the surgery. Stomach upset can occur whenever anesthesia is used. Offer only a small amount of food and water. Your pet may not be interested in eating or drinking at this time. You can resume the regular diet in the morning.
  • Restrict your pet's activities for the next seven days. Do not allow excess running, jumping, or playing. Please keep your pets in their crates until tomorrow morning.
  • Keep your pet out of extreme temperatures, either hot or cold. Your pet should stay inside for the next two days. Provide a clean dry place for your pet to rest.
  • Inspect your pet's incision at least twice daily until healed. A small amount of blood seepage and swelling is normal immediately after surgery.
  • Discourage licking of the wound to prevent infection of the surgery area. Wrap your pet's neck with a folded towel and secure it at the back of the neck with duct tape. This should prevent it from licking the surgical site.
  • Dirty incisions should be gently cleaned with a cotton ball moistened with tap water. If the incision looks good, do not clean it.
  • Do not bathe your pet for at least one week after surgery. Keeping your pet clean and dry will be beneficial to their recovery.
  • If your pet was in heat at the time of surgery, keep her away from males for two weeks.
  • Sutures are dissolvable and will not require removal and do not give aspirin, Tylenol, or other medication to your pet for pain relieve. These medications can be harmful.
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