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Things to Know


Food Before Surgery

Pets should have nothing to eat or drink after 10:00 p.m. the night before surgery. 

Rabies Vaccinations

If your pet’s rabies vaccination is current, please bring the rabies certificate or tag with your pet. If your pet’s rabies vaccination is not current, this vaccine is required when your pet is spayed or neutered.

Bringing Your Pet to the Clinic

Cat owners: Please bring your cat in a carrier with a small towel or blanket. FOR THEIR OWN SAFETY, CATS MUST BE CONTAINED AT ALL TIMES!

Dog owners: Please leave your dog in your car while you check in and fill out your paperwork. Before bringing your dog into the clinic, be sure he/she has had time to use the bathroom. It will make your pet more comfortable. ALL DOGS MUST BE RESTRAINED ON A LEASH OR IN A PET TAXI! This is to protect your pet.

Pick-Up Time

You will be informed of pick-up time when you make your pets appointment and at check-in on day of surgery. This will ensure that your pet has had ample time to recover from the anesthesia and surgery before returning home.


All fees are due at time of pick up. You may pay by credit card or with cash. We cannot accept checks.

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